Here's some of the items we sell. All items are in Canadian funds. Click here to order.

Rectangular Net1. Rectangular Net (Permethrin Treated): $40




Circular Net2. Conical Net (Permethrin Treated): $40





3. Sleepscreen -I with interlocking poles (1 person): $80









4. Sleepscreen-II with interlocking poles (2 person): $100




5. Ultrathon® Long-Acting DEET: $20

Please note that Ultrathon DEET will be available approximately March 2001 due to current worldwide stock shortage.

Lasts 10-12 hours per application.

Ultrathon Insect Repellent

6. Sawyer™ Controlled-Release DEET: $20Controlled Release Deet Formula Insect Repellent

Lasts 12-24 hours per application.






7. Sawyer™  Bite Kit: $40. Buy the Extractor On-Line and Get a Tube of Ultrathon for Free!! ($20 Value)

                       Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit

8. Tropicscreen - 2 person (not exactly as shown but very similar): $80