The Fraser Valley Travel Clinic (FVTC) mandate is to promote safe and healthy travel.

We are a Public Health Agency of Canada approved Designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Our vaccines are  received directly from the manufacturer and are stored in specially monitored state-of-the-art vaccine refrigerators - this ensures 100% cold chain compliance.

Travel medicine is a rapidly growing medical specialty which changes with each minute. We spend approximately 3 hours a day (1000 hours a year) keeping up-to-date with international related health issues. We often receive over 200 emails per day from around the world. They are carefully scrutinized and organized and become an integral part of the printed reports we prepare for travellers.


Family physicians have been referring their travelling patients to our clinic for over 15 years. We offer travellers the most up-to-date information and advice, along with extensive health education and answers to all their questions.


Travel medicine advice is not an MSP benefit. The cost per person varies. A consultation fee is only applied once in case more than one visit is required prior to departure. Group discounts are available. 

Extended health insurance providers may reimburse some costs.

Each traveller will receive:

-a complete range of pre-travel health counselling information including destination specific infectious/communicable disease risk assessments

-extensive written education take-home material

-informed consent for all vaccines selected

-permanent vaccination record

-automated recall letters to complete vaccination series

-detailed travel medicine reports for each country visited

-includes up-to-the minute disease outbreak data and security alerts

-advice on health concerns endemic to countries visited

-detailed prevention strategies for:

-insect-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis

-food and water-borne illness such as traveller's diarrhea and schistosomiasis

-high altitude sickness

-specific traveller related issues including pregnant travellers, travelling with children, solo travellers and female travellers

-TB testing if applicable


Specialized services are also available at an hourly rate:

-expatriate preparation

-war zone travel

-wilderness medicine preparation

-expedition preparation

-team leader preparation

-medical team leader preparation

Off-Site Group consultations are offered at discounted rates:

-church groups/mission groups

-business and private organizations



-Department of National Defense

-Governmental Agencies


-treated mosquito netting

- insect repellents

-water purification supplies

-first aid kits

-sterile needle kits with certificates of authorization


We accept referrals for patients returning with a travel related illness. This is an MSP benefit; a referral letter from another BC licensed physician is needed for a post-travel consultation. Due to the nature of some travel related illnesses, a same day consultation can be arranged.